Prairie Oak Partners has deep roots in the neighborhoods and communities in Oklahoma City where we invest, so we look for long-term opportunities to impact our city. Our team understands the prime locations for investments which are needed to genuinely enhance the lives of people in Oklahoma City.


In order to create unique and quality new homes and communities for people to work, we start from the ground up. From the initial design, to managing the property, we do it all.


We have a portfolio of multi-family and residential properties that we acquire and hold for the long term. The investments we make are intentional and focused on creating high quality homes and communities that are sustainable for years to come.


Our diverse team has developed a strong operational ability to give our customers the highest quality living experience tailored to fit their personal situation and needs.

We possess an unwavering desire to create exceptional homes and communities for our customers, making Prairie Oak Partners a company to start with and stay with.



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Our team has expertise and deep relationships across multiple sectors. As macro cycles and submarket dynamics fluctuate, we adapt by scrutinizing each investment across all available opportunities to ensure we select what we believe to be the best investments the market has to offer.